Windows Server Essential Licensing Questions – and their Answers

Our first Essential Licensing Questions book is just being updated for references in the March 2016 Product Terms document and then it will be off to the printers for its second print run. The first? That was exclusively for our worldwide team of reviewers – thank you everyone! – who put the book through its paces to check that it does what we want it to.

And we were jolly pleased with their feedback! The average rating was a fab 4.7 out of 5 stars with comments from our reviewers like “The perfect reference guide for anyone having to navigate Microsoft’s Windows Server licensing! All the questions you’ll ever ask (and some you haven’t thought of yet!) in an easy to use book.” and “This book is nothing less than amazing! It is incredibly thorough and detailed. I wish I had one of these to reference for all MS products!”

People did like the format of the book: “Even with a very short time of using the book it feels easy to navigate and find the answers I was looking for.” However, there were some good ideas to make navigation even better, so we’ve incorporated those and you’ll find, for example, that the updated book has additional headings throughout.

Every answer that we give in the book is supported by a Microsoft reference and this was appreciated by our reviewers: “An easy to use no nonsense book about Windows Server volume licensing including Microsoft references. Exactly what we need.” Then we asked people if they would personally find the book useful in their day to day work – an overwhelming 96% agreed they would use it, with comments such as “This is a very handy tool for day to day licensing questions.” and “In my line of work I get a lot of difficult licensing questions, this book helps me big time in my everyday work.”

Overall, we’re pleased to say that our review team were very happy to recommend the book:
“A must have for all IT Departments, Licensing Specialist and SAM Consultants.”
• “This Manual is excellent and a must for the Licensing Community (LSP) and the Employees in charge of SAM in their organization (Customer).”
• “I would recommend this book to any licensing specialist and would love for a similar book to be brought out for other products.”

There are a couple of special offers if you want to get your own copy of the book. Launch price will be £14.99 ($22.99) in March but the pre-order price available until the end of Friday 4th March 2016 is just £9.99 + P&P. The other offer is Book Assurance. What’s that? Well, we took the decision not to include any Windows Server 2016 information until the product is released – sometime in the summer probably. That’s when we’ll update our book with all the relevant licensing information, and if you want to receive the updated copy at that time then you just need to order Book Assurance for £5 today. All the offers are available worldwide here:

And the final word goes to a smitten fan: “I’m in love with black books.” We hope you enjoy using the book too!