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Free BOK21 Exam overview session!

Curious about the Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 Exam? Join us for a free 1-hour session where we’ll look at the topics covered by the Exam, some sample questions, Exam hints and tips, as well as how to prepare for the Exam with our wide variety of resources. Register here: for the session on 1st June at 2pm (UK time).

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How do you license external users for SQL Server 2019?

There are no External Connector licenses available for SQL Server 2019. If a customer has chosen to license with the Server/CAL model, then they must buy CALs for external users and this does become expensive when there are many external users. It is generally more cost-effective to choose to license with the Per Core model if there is a large number of external users, since this will cover all internal users and any number of external users. Page 43, BOK21

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