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Lessons in Licensing SQL Server 2016

5.0 (5 reviews)


Our popular Lessons in Licensing range is a complete training course in a book. There are easy to read explanations of all the key aspects of SQL Server 2016 licensing and, to check that your learning is on track, there’s Course Work for you to complete at the end of each topic.

The book is split into two Parts: Introductory and Expert, and if you want to demonstrate your competence as you finish each part, then there are online exams available for you to take.

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This book is a complete training course on the licensing of SQL Server 2016. If you want a good, solid understanding of the licensing then you should work through Part 1 of the book which teaches you about licensing SQL Server 2016 in physical and virtual infrastructures, as well as other important topics such as licensing for high availability and upgrade and downgrade rights. There are regular Course Work sections throughout so that you can check your understanding, and at the end of Part 1 you can take an online exam and download a Certificate of Achievement if you pass.

Part 2 is aimed at learners who want to become an expert in SQL Server 2016 licensing and covers topics such as the licensing of Parallel Data Warehouse and Developer editions, advanced core licensing scenarios, SQL Server as an infrastructure product, and how to license SQL Server in the cloud. Again, there are Course Work sections and a further exam to take to demonstrate competence in these advanced areas.

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5 reviews for Lessons in Licensing SQL Server 2016

  1. kavitha Vuppuluru

    This is another fantastic book from Licensing school. “This book is a gold mine for questions around SQL Licensing”

    Thanks to Head Master and the licensing team at Licensing school.

    Kavitha Vuppuluru
    SoftwareONE, Dubai

  2. Jaruphan Olsson

    Great book to have. Easy to understand even though the licensing rules are complicated.
    Landstinget i Kalmar län, Sweden.

  3. Stefan Visscher

    Easy to read and to understand, perfect study material for everyone who wants to know more about SQL Server licensing.

  4. DJ

    Very well written and relevant, and covers most SQL licensing scenarios you could come up against. It is written in a way that makes a specialist subject understandable by a non licensing geek!

  5. Kirsty Anderson

    “The book was very well laid out, 1st parts were great for refreshing my knowledge, second section was very useful, some parts such as the Hyperthreading used terminology that wasn’t the easiest to understand, as a complex area it maybe should have more on it. Thought the cloud section was very good, and very useful, as not so familiar with, but feel confident that I now understand it well enough to consider the cloud options available. Also thought the software dependency list and technology list was brill, really useful to have available.”

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