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Windows Server Essential Licensing Questions

5.0 (10 reviews)

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Updated: now includes Window Server 2016

We’ve all been there – a question about Microsoft licensing comes at a moment when you just don’t have the time to find an answer, let alone the right answer. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have an amazing colleague sitting in the corner who’s got an encyclopaedic knowledge of licensing, that you can just call over to with your question and they always know the answer – and what’s more, they know where to go to prove it? It sounds too good to be true of course, but armed with this book it’s like that amazing colleague has come to life!

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If you need to find the right answers to licensing questions as quickly as possible then this is the book for you. The team at Licensing School has researched, listed and catalogued all the essential questions – and their answers of course! – for Windows Server, going from the 2016 version all the way back to Windows Server 2000. These questions have then been grouped and indexed in such a way that it makes the answers that you need easy to find. In addition, we’ve always included a Microsoft reference so that you can check and be confident that the given answer is correct and accurate.


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10 reviews for Windows Server Essential Licensing Questions

  1. Rory Canavan

    Surgical in its delivery of quality information, the essentials guide offers the “why” behind the “what” of Windows Server licensing up to Windows Server 2012, and is exceptionally focused.

  2. Christopher Brune

    This book is a very helpful summary for main topics within the Windows Server licensing. It is well structured and allows to find the answers to several questions in one book only. There is no need to search in all the official documents at first. Once you have the answer to your question you have the reference to the official document. By the way: It is a good opportunity to challenge your Windows Server licensing know-how…:)

  3. Helene Pearn

    “This book is nothing less than amazing! It is incredibly thorough and detailed. I wish I had one of these to reference for all MS products!”

  4. Marco Manganiello

    Really helpful, fun to read and intuitive in its build-up.

  5. kavitha Vuppuluru

    “This is simply Amazing” I believe the whole team was putting your selves in to the shoes of the new Licensing or SAM learners or beginners and of course this info is valuable for experts also, while writing this book. I’m in love with black books. Thank you for your great efforts.” Licensing school always makes the complex licensing in to simplified licensing with their innovative learning tips…

  6. Lucy Drinkwater

    Another great book by the Licensing School. Downgrade rights, SA and mobility have always been questionable but this books puts the answers in simple black and white for all to understand. This will help from general enquiries to day to day interaction with customers. I am looking forward to the next book Licensing School releases

  7. Chris Hankinson

    Such a useful, clearly written guide that can help navigate Microsoft licensing rules. Essential reading for all Software Asset Managers and Licensing Specialists.

  8. Jean-Marc Lebrun

    This Manual is excellent and a must for the Licensing Community (LSP) and the Employees in charge of SAM in their organization (Customer).

  9. Pascal Willemssen

    This book answers all licensing questions regarding Windows Server licensing from version 2000 until 2012 R2. It is very easy to use and the answers are very clear and directly answer any question which you might have about these products. This is a very handy tool for day to day licensing questions.

  10. Christian

    “This book really covers “Essential” Windows Server licensing questions and provides a fast and short overview about licensing basics (availability. editions, versions, downgrade rights, upgrade paths and virtualization rights). The index helps to find the corresponding Q&A section fast and simple. Furthermore you learn how to work with PUR, Product List, Product Terms and Licensing Briefs as every answer refers to a Microsoft document. When facing complex licensing scenarios e.g requirement of RDS CAL using third party virtualization software e.g. VM Ware Horizon View or how to license External Connector in a server farm this book can give you some ideas (brainstorming) but you might require additional help.”

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