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The secret’s out

Yesterday we launched our new Licensing School offers which include LicenseVerse - a single place for finding understandable, accurate and up-to-date Microsoft licensing information. You can watch the recording of our launch event here: to see a demo of this splendid new product and, if you're quick, there are some good discounts available. There's no commitment, you just need to have contacted Paul before the end of Monday 3rd June, 2024 to lock in the discounts while you choose your plan.

Licensing School: one place for licensing information

One of the hardest things about working in Microsoft licensing is finding useful information that's accurate and from a trusted source. We've got some new offerings that make this a whole lot easier. We invite you to join us at our launch event at 2pm (UK time) on May 30th 2024 to find out more about them. Register here for your free place:

New Certifications from Licensing School – BOK24

We launched our Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge (BOK) exams back in 2021 to help people to demonstrate that they've got a splendid level of licensing knowledge. A licensing exam needs to be kept up-to-date and so we've released a new flavour every year since then. Now we're pleased to announce that our BOK24 exams are ready, in both Foundation and Practitioner levels, all updated with the latest changes - Copilot and the (no Teams) suites for example. You can buy your exam codes in our shop, and we're running free training for everyone who has an exam code next…

10 years old

Our Microsoft licensing blog – Licensing Lore and Law – is 10 years old! It’s a splendid way to keep up to date with what’s new or changed in Microsoft licensing, and over the last 10 years there have been 1,221 blog posts entertaining 375,000 visitors. Give yourself a treat and subscribe today!

Call for Reviewers!

The Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2023: on-premises products edition will soon be available, and we’re looking for 25 UK-based reviewers. We’ll send you a free copy of the book and in return we need you to complete a short questionnaire – it shouldn’t take more than 12 minutes! Email to join the programme.

Great to be back in Belgium delivering licensing training!

Today, we are working with Microsoft in Belgium, covering the licensing of hosted solutions, with their Hosting Partners.