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Tell us which books you want to see next

As many of you know, we’ve currently got two types of licensing reference books: Our Quick Lessons in Licensing series – designed to teach you a topic Our Essential Licensing Questions series – designed to make it easy for you to find answers to licensing questions on a particular topic Right now, we’re firming up the 2016/2017 schedule for writing and releasing more books in each series. We’d love to get your input as to which ones you’d like to see next, so please do spend a couple of minutes letting us know your preferences in the survey below. Create…

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Welcome to the Licensing School Common Room

With the launch of our brand new website (yay!) – we are pleased to announce we have also opened the Licensing School Common Room (yay again!). This is a place where we can all get to know each other a bit better – you’ll be able to see behind the scenes here at Licensing Towers and get a sense of what we’re up to when we’re travelling etc, but we also want to use this blog to develop a licensing community. So, (licensing-related!) contributions are welcome from all, and we’ll be setting up some discussions so that we can better…