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70-713 Exam Prep Course

SAM MCP 70-713 Exam Prep Course

What course would 100% of attendees recommend to their colleagues? Our new SAM MCP 70-713 exam online prep course, of course! The next session is coming up on 29th June and our special offer continues - buy one place for…

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CSP Training

CSP training in York

A good day was had by all at CSP training in York last week, but the Tuck Shop is having a week off due to exhaustion. If you're interested in CSP training for your organisation then contact us at…

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Direct Partner CSP Training

Direct CSP Partner Training

Join us for Direct Partner CSP training in York on Thursday 18th May. Here are Tuesday's attendees at Microsoft Reading hard at work completing their Course Workbooks! Find the full agenda and secure your place in York here:

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Visual Studio 2017

GLR Updated for Visual Studio 2017

Get Licensing Ready is updated for Visual Studio 2017 so head along to take the all-new exam and download the accompanying handout. If you want to keep up to date with changes in GLR then follow @GLR_Updates on Twitter, and…

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School Report

Licensing School Report

It's School Report day today! If you want to receive a regular summary of all the latest licensing news, then subscribe to our newsletter. You can sign up here:

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Exam 70-713 Success

Celebrating exam 70-713 success!

If you want to drink prosecco too, then join Simona for our exam preparation course* on April 27th. It’s a special Reviewers’ Edition course and you can book 2 places on the online training course for just £65. Find more…

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SAM MCP 70-713

Well, they passed their 70-713 exam!

Our roving reporter caught up with them to find out what they had to say. From Simona: "Phew! It's actually a more involved exam than I was expecting. I'm glad I had our new preparation materials." and Louise: "Yay! Thank…

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It's Licensing School SAM MCP Exam Day! Louise and Simona sign in to take the brand new 70-713 exam. Nervous?! Surely not… Time to test out whether the new exam prep materials are going to work... :)

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