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This session is aimed at anyone who needs to be an expert in the licensing of SQL Server 2016. It builds on the topics covered in the Introduction course giving extra information on the licensing of the different editions of SQL Server 2016, and then focussing on how SQL Server workloads can be run in a Service Provider’s server farm, and the various options available in Azure.

Delivery:  Online

Duration:  Up to 90 mins

Level:  Advanced

Copyright Licensing School 2016

  • Editions of SQL Server 2016
    • Technical and licensing limitations of SQL Server 2016 Standard and Enterprise editions
    • Licensing Parallel Data Warehouse editions
    • Acquiring SQL Server 2016 Developer edition
    • SQL Server 2016 rights included in other products
  • Licensing SQL Server for the cloud
    • Using SQL Server 2016 licences in a Service Provider’s server farm
    • Using SQL Server 2016 licences in Azure
    • Licensing SQL virtual machines in Azure
    • Licensing SQL Database in Azure
  • Useful resources
  • Special offers
  • An excellent knowledge of the topics covered in the Licensing SQL Server 2016 Introduction course

All attendees receive:

  • A downloadable Course Workbook to complete during the training session
  • 2 weeks’ unlimited email support on questions relating to the topics covered
  • An online test is available for attendees to check their knowledge after the training, with successful candidates receiving a certificate of competence
Download Course Outline

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If there are no upcoming dates for this course which are suitable for you, please complete the form to register your interest. We will be in touch when a course is next available in your area.