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Microsoft UK Library

Books in the Microsoft UK Library

Natasha at the Microsoft UK Library is pleased to take delivery of a new set of Licensing School books for her shelves! If you need your very own copy, then head over to our shop:

Favourite Slide 1

Favourite Slide 1

We create some great slides here at Licensing School and we've all got our favourites… But which is the best slide of them all? We want your votes! Every day this week one of us will be putting forward our favourite slide for your consideration - and when all slides have been revealed, we'll be having a vote via our Common Room blog. So, first up is Rich with our slide which allows you to easily compare and contrast all of the Microsoft Volume Licensing programs. Is this one of your favourites too?

Little Black Book Of Licensing Gotchas

Little Black Book of Licensing Gotchas

None of us want to get caught out by a licensing rule we didn't know about. Our Little Black book of Licensing Gotchas details ten harder-than-average-to-license scenarios that are definitely worth taking a look at. Order your free copy of this jolly useful little book here:

Online Voucher Code

Learn for Less!

If you want a book that teaches you all about the licensing of SQL Server 2016 with supporting Course Work and an exam (with a certificate of course!) to take at the end, then our SQL Server 2016 Lessons in Licensing book is just what you need. There are just a few remaining days when you can get this book for £5.99 rather than its full price of £9.99. Head over to and use voucher code SQL2016.

Free Kindle Book

Free Kindle Book Samples

Did you know you can have a free sample of our Licensing SQL Server 2016 Kindle book sent to a device of your choice? Find the book on Amazon by searching for "Lessons in Licensing" and then request a sample at the right hand side of the screen. This is what it looks like on a Windows phone!

Sql Server 2016 Books

Licensing SQL Server 2016 Books have Arrived!

The Licensing SQL Server 2016 books have arrived! Simon's off to the post office shortly to dispatch books all over the world.So if you're part of our SQL Server 2016 Licensing Research Program or have the book on pre-order you can expect your copy very soon! And shhhhh, don't tell anyone, the pre-order code is still valid if you want to join the merry band of people who understand SQL Server 2016 licensing. Just use SQL2016 at checkout when you order your book here: Photo credit to the better-photographer-than-her-father Liesel!

Voucher Code

SQL Server 2016 Licensing Book: this week’s voucher code

There's still time to make use of this week's voucher code! Our Licensing SQL Server 2016 book is on pre-order which means you can get it for a special price of £5.99 rather than the regular price of £9.99. We're expecting delivery at the end of this week so you'll get your copy shortly afterwards. Head off to and use voucher code SQL2016 at checkout.

Product Fundamentals

GLR Product Fundamentals Updated

If you want an introduction to licensing, then Get Licensing Ready is a fabulous resource and a good place to start is with the "Product Fundamentals" and "Licensing Fundamentals" modules. We've just updated the Product Fundamentals set of resources (handout, video, and exam) to make sure it covers all the latest products including SQL Server 2016. So, why not give yourself a treat this weekend and put some time aside to work through this module and start your licensing certification journey 🙂 Find Get Licensing Ready here: