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Quarterly Licensing Briefing

SPLA Quarterly Licensing Briefing

A reminder that the quarterly licensing briefing from the Microsoft SPLA team is on 29 September. The agenda is set to cover the detail of licensing Windows 10 Enterprise E3 through CSP, and Windows Server and System Center 2016 through SPLA. Register for the Cloud Channel Network to attend: or, if you’re already a member, add the event to your calendar here:

Read Kindle Book

Read a Kindle book on almost any device

You may know that our latest Licensing SQL Server 2016 book is available in a Kindle format - but did you know that you don't need a Kindle to read it? There are Kindle apps for just about any device - be it iPad, phone, tablet, or PC. Just search for "Lessons in Licensing" in your local Amazon site and when you've found the Kindle book, there's a link underneath it to download all of the reading apps.

Licensing Books On Kindle

Licensing Books on Kindle

Licensing Books on Kindle are fab - you can read them on a variety of devices, you can search for what you want really easily, and you can highlight text and make your own notes - as you can see in our picture. You can find most of our licensing books on Amazon - just go to your local Amazon site and search for "Lessons in Licensing".

Sql 2016 Video

Licensing SQL 2016 Video on GLR

Get Licensing Ready is great for testing your knowledge of Microsoft licensing and there are some excellent resources for teaching you the licensing too. We've just uploaded the new video for SQL Server 2016 licensing, so if you fancy learning something new today, head on over to

School Report

Time to Vote!

Choose your favourite Licensing School slide! Rich, Simon, Paul and Louise have all chosen their favourites which you can see below.   Create your own user feedback survey

Favourite Slide 4

Favourite Slide 4

Have we left the best to last in our feature on our favourite licensing slides? This is Louise's choice which explains the licensing of Microsoft VDI. You need to see the animations to make the travels of Mrs Lime come to life - take a look here: How will you vote tomorrow?

Favourite Slide 3

Favourite Slide 3

So, today's Favourite Slide is chosen by Paul. We call it "the blocky diagram" and it's incredibly useful when you're trying to transition from an on-premises licensing position in an EA to one of the gazillion cloud licensing options. Will this be the one you vote for on Friday?

Favourite Slide 2

Favourite Slide 2

Today it's Simon's turn to pick a favourite Licensing School slide and he's gone for this one - a great reference to see what's in the Office 365 plans and EMS, as well as their on-premises equivalents and the corresponding dual-access rights. Would this one make your short list of favourite slides?