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What SA benefits do Windows Server Subscriptions in CSP get?

There is no notion of Software Assurance in CSP and these Server Subscriptions don’t come with SA, but they DO come with entitlements to some of the benefits that we would normally refer to as Software Assurance benefits. In particular, they entitle customers to the Azure Hybrid Benefit, Disaster Recovery rights, and to use Semi-Annual Channel releases of Windows Server. In addition, if a new version of Windows Server is released during the term of the Server Subscription, then that may be deployed in the on-premises infrastructure if required. Equally (and this isn’t, I know, an SA benefit) customers may…

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What is an Azure Dev/Test Subscription? Are they available through CSP or Open Value?

An Azure Subscription is a container to which Azure resources are assigned as they are created. There are different Subscription types associated with the ways that a customer buys – an Azure Subscription for CSP is different to the one for an Enterprise Agreement, for example. All of these “regular” Subscription types are used for production workloads supporting the day-to-day business of an organization. However, there’s another type of Azure Subscription which is used for dev and test purposes. The benefit for organizations is that there are discounted rates on some of the Azure services when they are assigned to…

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CSP training

CSP training in York

A good day was had by all at CSP training in York last week, but the Tuck Shop is having a week off due to exhaustion. If you're interested in CSP training for your organisation then contact us at Tuck Shop included of course!

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