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Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2022: Azure edition

5.0 (8 reviews)


The Body of Knowledge books are the Microsoft licensing books which we love having on our own bookshelves. They’re comprehensive reference books written in an easy-to-understand way, with a detailed index to help you quickly and efficiently find the answers to day-to-day licensing questions. This book focuses on Azure.

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The Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2022: Azure edition book is an excellent reference book for people who need to understand Azure licensing. If you’re new to Azure licensing you can use it to teach yourself from the very start, and if you’re more experienced it will help you answer Azure licensing questions. It contains a comprehensive set of topics from all the different ways of licensing virtual machines in Azure, to the best ways to save money through Azure Reservations and Azure Savings Plans. There are also sections on licensing Dev/Test solutions in Azure and more specialist topics such as Azure Stack and Azure Dedicated Host. In addition, there’s information on all the different ways that customers can buy the Azure services. Click here to see the full table of contents.

If you’re already a fan of our Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge books then you may have the 2021 version on your bookshelf. This covered the whole of Microsoft licensing current in June 2021. This new range of books splits the original book into three sections – on-premises products, Online Services, and Azure, and is current for Microsoft licensing in December 2022. The 2022 books include new options introduced by Microsoft and anything that’s been updated. However, products that are no longer the current version (Windows Server 2019, for example) have been removed and you would need to refer to the Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2021 book for information on licensing this version of the product.

For information about why we created the Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge and the supporting exams, click here.

The on-premises and Online Services editions will be available soon. Click here to be alerted when they’re available.




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8 reviews for Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2022: Azure edition

  1. William Nelson

    I was so excited to receive the book and read it from cover to cover straight away. It doesn’t have anything that isn’t publicly available, but what it does do is collate too much information into a brilliantly concise, well structured, clearly written catch-all explanation of licensing considerations in Azure.

  2. Sabina Brahimi

    This books captures everything that someone in my role as a licensing specialist requires to understand and communicate Microsoft Licensing to customers. Incredibly useful and handy to have.

  3. Iancu Catalin

    This is the crystal clear explanation of Microsoft Azure licensing available. Highly recommended reading for every Microsoft licensing consultant.

  4. Nittaya Peters

    This Microsoft Licensing Body of Knowledge 2022: Azure edition is a handy excellent book to have.It is very useful book that collated all informations Azure relates into one little book. I would recommended to anyone who wanted to gain more understanding of MS Software licensing – Azure. Thanks again for LS team.

  5. James Curtis

    Well written and simple language used, this is what a licensing guide or handbook should be like. There is some diagrams, and they have tried to get the most recent information as possible, as Azure is a moving target. Great book for people starting to talk about azure and the commercial offerings from Microsoft

  6. Julian Ellis

    An excellent companion to the BOK 2021, it covers what you can and can’t do with the various Microsoft licensing programmes in the cloud.

  7. Harj Hayer

    The book was easy to follow, a good reference guide. Professionally produced, good quality. The diagrams made it easier to digest the content and understand the topic content. The authors are excellent.

  8. Paul Drummond

    I found the Licensing Schools MS BOK22 Azure Edition a very concise and easy to digest read. BOK22 will be an invaluable resource to quickly find answers to Azure licensing questions that may arise in my current role.

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