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What are Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise Device SLs?

Enterprise Agreement customers also have the option to acquire Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise Device SLs. In this scenario, a license is assigned to the device that will be used by many users who are not individually licensed for Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. These users do not even need an Azure Active Directory account, and anyone with access to the device is able to use the Microsoft 365 Apps on that device without any user-level activation taking place. Page 180, BOK21

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How do customers purchase Communication Credits?

You purchase Communication Credits in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and you can add credits manually as you need them, or you can enable the Auto-recharge option which will add credit automatically when the balance falls below a threshold that you set. This is usually the preferred option, since if there is a zero-credit balance, licensed users won’t be able to dial out from meetings to PAYG countries, and users won’t be able to use the toll-free dial-in numbers to join a meeting. Payment for the Communication Credits is, for many customers, via a credit card. However, an Enterprise Agreement…

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