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Licensing School On Location

We take licensing training very seriously and we’re passionate about providing the best content, delivered by the best trainers and supported by the best resources. Our aim is simple: we want to remove complexity and provide simple and clear explanations and examples. This helps anyone understand the rules around Microsoft software licensing in whatever role they have. We run face-to-face training sessions around the world and you can book one of our public courses or invite us to your site to run a bespoke training course.

Licensing School Online

Training is what we do best, but the trouble is, most of the people we want to train are scattered around the world, and so the very best way for us to reach you is online. But we’re trainers – we won’t just talk at you, we want you to learn, and our online training sessions have been designed to be exactly that: training sessions, not presentations. We make sure we’ve got lots of activities throughout the sessions so that they’re fully interactive and it’s easy for you to stay engaged and learn what you need to. People tell us they’re good fun too!

Licensing School Events

We attend all sorts of events helping people to understand more about Microsoft licensing so if we’re in your area, then do come and say hello!

Equally, if you need a speaker on Microsoft licensing at an event you’re running, then please email with the details.