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Qualified Multi-Tenant Hosting (QMTH) partner: A partner authorized by Microsoft to offer solutions based on the desktop products for customers with eligible licenses. It is Microsoft’s stated intention to replace this program with the CSP-Hoster program.

QMTH partner: See Qualified Multi-Tenant Hosting partner.


RDS: Remote Desktop Services.

Relaxed reassignment rules: Introduced by Microsoft in October 2022 to, in effect, allow licenses to follow virtual machines around a server farm as required. Learn about relaxed reassignment rules with Windows Server.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS): A service of Windows Server that enables users to remotely access applications and desktop environments. Learn about the licensing of Remote Desktop Services here.

Resource Scheduling Optimization: Part of the Dynamics 365 Field Service solution which automatically schedules jobs to the people, equipment, and facilities best equipped to complete them. Learn more about licensing Resource Scheduling Optimization here.

RMS: See Active Directory Rights Management Services.


SA: See Software Assurance.

Sales Hub: An app which is part of the Dynamics 365 Sales solution and enables users to access Sales Insights capabilities. Learn about the licensing of Sales Hub here.

Sales Insights/Dynamics 365 Sales Insights: Part of the Dynamics 365 Sales solution that helps sellers to build stronger relationships with their customers and to stay on top of their deals with real-time AI-based insights. Learn about the licensing of Sales Insights here.

Savings Plans: See Azure Savings Plans.

SE: Subscription Edition. The latest version of products such as Project Server and SharePoint Server.

Secure Productive Enterprise: The previous name of Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

Select Plus: A licensing agreement aimed at the larger customer who has more than 250 users or devices. Learn about the basics of the Select Plus agreement, and how to buy on-premises products.

Semi-Annual Channel: Previous update channel for Windows 10, now replaced by the General Availability Channel for Windows 11. Also a previous update channel for Windows Server which was retired in 2022. Learn about Servicing Channels for Windows Server.

Server and Cloud Enrollment: one of three enrollments signed under an Enterprise Agreement, where customers make a commitment to the server products, or to Azure. Learn about how to license the server products and Azure through an SCE.

Server farm: A collection of servers. Learn about licensing Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint Server and Exchange Server in server farms.

Server Subscriptions: See Software Subscriptions.

SharePoint Server: A content management, workflow automation, and collaboration portal, which also allows a single infrastructure for Internet, intranet and extranet sites. Learn about the licensing of SharePoint Server SE and SharePoint Server 2019.

Skype for Business Server: A server solution for instant messaging, presence information, web conferencing, and enterprise telephony. Learn about the licensing for Skype for Business Server 2019 here.

SQL Server: Microsoft’s enterprise database solution. Learn about licensing SQL Server on-premises and in virtual machines.

System Center: A suite of management tools for both desktop and server solutions. Learn about the licensing of System Center for servers and clients.


Team Foundation Server: The former name of Azure DevOps Server.

Team Members license: A license for users who need light access to the Dynamics 365 tools. Learn about the licensing of Team Members for the CRM apps, the ERP apps, and Business Central.

Tenant-level services: An Online Service that when it’s purchased for any user in the tenant is activated in part or in full for all users in the tenant. Find out more about licensing tenant-level services here.

Terminal Services: The former name of Remote Desktop Services.

Training Vouchers: A Software Assurance benefit retired by Microsoft in 2021.