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License Mobility across Server Farms: A Software Assurance benefit that relaxes the 90-day license reassignment rule so that virtual machines may move freely around a server farm and the server licenses may be reassigned as required. Learn about License Mobility across Server Farms with SQL Server.

License Mobility through SA: A Software Assurance benefit that allows customers to use their eligible server application licenses on Authorized Mobility partner’s hardware. Learn about the License Mobility through SA benefit here.

Licensing Guides: Microsoft produce a whole host of splendid Licensing Guides. Find them here.

Listed Provider: Alibaba, Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Learn about licensing with Listed Providers here.

Long-Term Servicing Branch: The previous name of the Long-Term Servicing Channel.

Long-Term Servicing Channel: A servicing channel which provides new releases of software every two to three years. Learn about the Long-Term Servicing Channel for Windows Server, System Center, Windows 11, Office, and Visio.

LTSB: Long-Term Servicing Branch.

LTSC: Long-Term Servicing Channel.