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EA: Enterprise Agreement.

Edition: A way of differentiating between different sets of functionalities that are included in a product – Windows Server 2022 Standard does not include as many features as Windows Server 2022 Datacenter, for example.

Enterprise Agreement: An agreement aimed at larger customers who have more than 500 devices or users. Learn about licensing with an EA here.

Enterprise CAL Suite: A way of buying 12 useful CALs together. Learn about the licensing of the Enterprise CAL Suite here.

Enterprise Cloud Suite: The original name of Microsoft 365 Enterprise.

EOP: Exchange Online Protection.

ESU: Extended Security Updates.

Exchange Online Archiving for Exchange Server: A cloud-based archive for users with primary mailboxes in Exchange Server 2016/2019. Learn about licensing Exchange Online Archiving for Exchange Server here.

Exchange Online Protection: A cloud-based filtering services that protects an organization against spam, malware, phishing, and other email threats. Learn about licensing Exchange Online Protection here.

Exchange Server: The Microsoft email server. Learn about licensing Exchange Server here.

Extended Security Updates: Licenses that provide support for up to three years after the end-of-support date. Learn about Extended Security Updates for Windows Server and SQL Server.

External Connector License: A single license that allows an unlimited number of external users to access a server. Learn about Windows Server External Connector licenses.

External user: An external user is someone who isn’t an employee of the organization buying the licenses but does need to access an internal solution. Learn about external users for Windows Server, SQL Server, Exchange Server and SharePoint Server.


Flexible Virtualization Benefit: A benefit that allows customers to take eligible licenses to the shared hardware of Authorized Outsourcers. Learn about licensing with the Flexible Virtualization Benefit here.

FVB: Flexible Virtualization Benefit.


General Availability Channel: Annual feature releases for Windows 11. Learn more here.


Home Use Program: Previous name for the Workplace Discount Program.Hybrid Use Benefit: See Azure Hybrid Benefit