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True Up orders

If additional Qualified Devices are added during a year, a customer may use the Enterprise Products on those devices and then pay for the licenses at the end of the year through a process known as True Up. A single payment is made for the additional licenses, rather than the spread annual payments which apply to the original number of licenses. The payment consists of the full amount of the license cost and a pro-rated amount for Software Assurance dependent on when in the enrollment term the purchase was made. For example, if an extra license (L) is added during the first year, the customer pays L + (2.5 x SA), if it’s added in the second year they pay L + (1.5 x SA), and if it’s added in the third year they pay L + (0.5 x SA).

If customers have added licenses for any Additional Products that were on the initial order, then these are trued up in the same way, using the same calculations.