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Working with Licensing School

We are an independent consulting services company, providing impartial advice on your licensing situation and offering licensing training. We do not provide audits, or indeed share any information with software vendors. Perhaps most importantly, we are not a software reseller and so saving you money on your licences is of as much satisfaction to us as it will be to you!

Software Compliance

It is our experience that becoming and remaining compliant on software licensing is important to most organisations, and over the years we have helped many companies to understand, and correctly apply, Microsoft’s software licensing rules.

Our business has been built and designed to reduce the risk of your organisation becoming non-compliant, by helping you to understand the licensing implications of the business decisions you make when undertaking IT projects. From a technical specification we can assist you in determining which licences you need to purchase and the best way to acquire those licences.

We have developed a process to recognise when you need to engage specialist help and support. Our 4Ps model identifies the key steps when your business is likely to make a decision that will either cost you money through a lack of knowledge to apply the correct licensing rules, or potentially leaves your organisation at risk by unwittingly being non-compliant.


The 4Ps Engagement Model

The first P is about planning – getting us engaged early on in any project will make sure that the decisions made as to what the architecture looks like, and how the users will work across different devices and locations, and interact with the software, is balanced with information regarding the licensing implications, and more importantly, the potential costs of the decisions being made. It is not unusual for the wish list of both the technical team and business to have far reaching ramifications on the licences required.

Once the architecture has been agreed, the next phase is to look for the best way of acquiring the licenses. This can often lead to confusion and bewilderment – it is at this stage we can review and comment on the different proposals which you receive, and enable you to compare like with like, and make an informed decision.

Confusion is often introduced when different resellers offer you different products or programs to that which you were expecting. This may be driven by internal targets or incentives offered to them by Microsoft. Understanding the implications of the choices you make here, can save you time and money in the future.

PUSH OUT is the stage when the software starts to be deployed, and it is often the time when someone will have that “great idea” and the following, true story, is a good example of this.

An IT manager decided that since Microsoft had just released the latest version of Windows Server, and he was keen to try it out in a real situation, that he would deploy his new patch management server on the latest version of Windows Server. However, had he done this, then either he would have left his organisation in a non-compliant position, or facing a large and unexpected increase in licence costs. Let me explain why …

The Windows CALs across his organisation were for an older version, but would need to be replaced to match the version of the newest server deployed – needless to say, he decided to rethink this one, and exercise his downgrade rights to the same version as the CALs he already had.

Potential and costly changes are not only found during deployment, the senior management team can also derail a project from a licensing perspective, and potentially make a decision that is difficult or costly to achieve.

A good example here, is a senior management team making a decision that they will give each manager an iPad for them to use at work – perhaps to make them more productive.

But in an attempt to contain costs, employees wishing to use similar devices at work will be encouraged to bring in their own devices if they wish to. Now from a technical perspective, connecting these devices to the network and providing access to the software looks very similar however, these two scenarios are licensed very differently, and can easily lead to a non-compliant situation.

Summary: Licensing School provides

The education and clarity you need around Microsoft software licensing.

Resources to help you understand the rules around Microsoft licensing more easily and quicker.

Consulting Services to help you become and remain both Correct and Compliant.

Truly independent and expert advice on Microsoft software licensing.

Find Out More

Please contact Paul, Headteacher at Licensing School, to find out how we can help your organisation with your Microsoft Licensing.